Strategic Plan 2014-2017
In 2013 Pinjarra Senior High School became an Independent Public School. Once the only school within reach of Pinjarra and its surrounding farm communities, the education sector has grown with competing schools both private and public in the Murray/Peel area. Pinjarra Senior High School now has to operate in a more competitive and dynamic environment.

Coinciding with the end of the current school business plan, there has been a complete change within the administration team. Charged with the creation of a new business plan, external consultant ACER, was contracted to conduct an objective school audit. The audit provided a number of commendations, affirmations and recommendations. As the administration had anticipated, in a time of leadership change, a number of the core priorities of the school had lost their focus.

A journey of revitalisation has begun, aimed at regaining our focus; restarting stalled strategies and developing new whole school practices. These initiatives will position Pinjarra Senior High School as a premier public school in the Peel region that meets the needs of its community.

The aim of this document is to outline a coherent, and aspirational whole school strategy to achieve this goal.

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