School Board

As an Independent Public School, Pinjarra Senior High School has elected a School Board to assist in determining the directions for the long-term future of the school and maintaining oversight of the school operations.  Our School Board has a varied skill set, ensuring a well-balanced Board with specific knowledge in critical aspects that will impact on the successful long-term planning of our school to ensure it meets both the immediate and long-term needs of the Pinjarra Community.

For 2013 the School Board members are:

Mr Rob Lawson - Principal, Pinjarra Senior High School

Mr Michael Sinagra - Deputy Principal, Pinjarra Senior High School

Mrs Fleur Ambrosa - Staff Representative, Pinjarra Senior High School

Mrs Kelly Bain -Staff Representative, Pinjarra Senior High School

Ms Jo Fraser - Parent Representative, Community Partnerships

Mrs Vicki Pollard - Community Member, Board Experience

Mr Tom Duxbury - Alcoa, Local Industry Background

Ms Donna Bamkin - Manager, Bendigo Bank

Mr David Holloway - Community Representative, Educational Overview

Ms Michelle Cole - Business Manager, Pinjarra Senior High School

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