Year 6 Student Transition

Primary School to High School Transition

Pinjarra SHS works closely with our local Primary Schools to ensure that we know as much as possible about your child’s academic and social/emotional needs before they begin high school. We understand that many students and their parents feel anxious about the change from Primary school to High school. At Pinjarra SHS we aim to provide a transition process that is as smooth and uncomplicated as possible. We offer a number of opportunities for students and parents to become familiar with our school, from the Parent Information Night to our Primary School Visits and Orientation.

The 2020 Transition team consists of:

– Fiona Davidson (Year 7 Associate Principal)
– Caitlin Tuffnell (Year 7 Coordinator)
– Justin Hill (Transition Coordinator and School Chaplain)

Below is the schedule of events which take place as part of our transition program.
The letter sent as part of the Year 7 transition can be found here.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the transition team at Pinjarra SHS on 9531 7000.
Additional information for Pinjarra SHS students can be found here.

Pinjarra SHS Year 6 Transition Program

2019 Local Primary School Visits

Visit 1 (Term 2)

Students meet the Transition Team who visit local Primary Schools.  Enrolment packs are distributed to the students along with the 2019 Student Handbook. Students are able to find out about Pinjarra SHS and ask questions of the transition team.

Enrolment papers need to be completed and returned to your school as soon as possible. The information gathered from enrolments is used to plan our staffing for the following year and begin building our Year 7 classes.

Visit 2 (Term 4)

The Transition team visits local Primary Schools to speak with the Year 6 students about what high school is like and what Pinjarra SHS has to offer.  Year 8 students accompany our visits to answer any questions from the Year 6 students about how they have found their high school experience.  We have found that the Year 6 students really value hearing from their peers about the reality of high school.

2019 Transition Events

Year 7 Camp Team Activity

Early Transition (Term 3 & 4)

Students who require more intensive support to ensure a smooth transition are identified and join our early Transition program, commencing in Term 3.

Year 7 Camp Team Activity

Year 6 Parent Information Night (Term 4)

The aim of this information evening is to give parents the opportunity to gain an insight into the transition process, students settling into secondary school, the structure of the school and the courses on offer for Year 7 students. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and become familiar with Pinjarra SHS.

Year 7 Camp Team Activity

Small Schools Activity Day (Term 4 – 21 Nov 2019)

Year 6 students from all of the smaller local Primary Schools (not including Pinjarra PS) meet together for a day of activities and team-building.

Orientation Days (Term 4 – 12 & 13 Dec 2019)

Year 6 students have the opportunity to attend 2 full Orientation Days at our school during Term 4.  The students go to classes as if they have already begun high school.  They move to different areas of the school and complete lessons with teachers from a number of Learning Areas

(e.g.: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Arts, Food, Textiles, Woodwork, Metalwork, Physical Education etc.). Orientation provides students with the opportunity to experience what it will be like at high school; such as attending lessons with students from other schools and seeing a number of teachers over the course of the day. Students also watch a number of high school performances in Music, Drama and Dance.

2020 Year 7 Events

Parent Meet and Greet BBQ (Term 1)

Within the first month of your child beginning high school, we hold a Parent Meet and Greet BBQ. This afternoon provides an opportunity for parents, students and teaching staff to get together in an informal setting. You are able to talk to your child’s teachers regarding their progress and transition to high school. This is a great setting to familiarise yourself with our school and to put faces to names of teachers.  Everyone is invited to a complimentary sausage sizzle.

Team Building Days (Term 1)

All Year 7 students will be involved in a series of personal development and team building activities across several days to help them settle into high school life and build positive relationships with other students and staff. Some of these activities will be school based but most will be off site and lots of fun.